What does Owner Mean?

Before taking the step of knowing the meaning of the term owner, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from “dominus”, which can be translated as “lord of the house”.

An owner is an individual who has dominion, power or control over something or someone. According to abbreviationfinder, TO stands for Transmission Owner.

For example: “Excuse me, could you tell me who owns this car? I am interested in buying it”, “Yesterday I found a lost dog in my neighborhood square, now I am trying to locate its owner”, “The owner of the house told me that he will not renew the rental contract, so I will have to move ”.

The notion of owner is linked to the idea of ​​property. The owner of a property has immediate and direct power over it, always taking into account the restrictions established by law. It is possible to own a house, a vehicle or any other object.

Suppose a man intends to purchase a motorcycle. The seller tells him what the price of the motorcycle is and the subject agrees: that is why he gives him the money and they sign the necessary documents to carry out the change of ownership. Thus, the motorcycle is registered as the property of the new buyer. This man, therefore, becomes the owner of the vehicle and can begin to use it as he wishes.

Today, there are many people who have become famous for owning large companies. Thus, for example, among these figures we can highlight Mark Zuckerberg, who is the owner of Facebook; Amancio Ortega, who is the owner of Zara and other companies in the Inditex group; of Jeff Bezos, who is the owner of Amazon…

It is important to note that one human being cannot be the owner of another. There are power regimes (over minors or incapable individuals) and hierarchical relationships can be established (in a job, in the army, etc.), but all people are free. Only the State can deprive someone of their liberty as stipulated in the legal framework.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that it is very common to use the term in question to refer to the person who has a specific pet. Thus, an example would be: “Manuel is the owner of that winery dog ​​you are seeing”.

Also, within the cultural field we find a long list of works that include the word in question in their title. This would be the case, for example, of the song “Dueño de nada”, which was performed by José Luis Rodríguez “el Puma”, or of the book “Los Austrias. The owner of the world”. This work was written by José Luis Corral and is a historical novel that revolves around the figure of King Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany, specifically about his reign after the death of his wife.