What does Robbery Mean?

The act and the result of berthing is known as mugging. Robbery, on the other hand, is the action of robbing or assaulting. For example: “The person responsible for the robbery at the casino was arrested”, “Investigators believe that four were the perpetrators of the robbery”, “The victim tried to resist the robbery and was shot in the stomach.

A robbery, in short, is a crime. Whoever commits a robbery violates the law and, therefore, must be punished in accordance with the provisions of the law. In order for the offender to be tried, he must first be caught by the security forces.

A robbery is an action against property that consists of an assault and theft. The robber uses violence or threatens the victim to seize their property. Suppose that a young man walks through a park when a subject throws himself at him, knocks him to the ground and, by force of blows, snatches his money. This action can be classified as robbery.


Terms such as robbery, theft, assault and others are often used synonymously. Beyond the use in everyday language, it is possible to establish differences between these ideas.

A theft occurs when the thief takes the goods without using violence or intimidation, taking a purse when its owner is distracted, to name one possibility. If the criminal exhibits a knife to keep the purse in question and pushes the victim, instead, it is called robbery or robbery. It is also often referred to as a robbery if the thief uses a tool to break a door and enter a house.

There are many films that revolve around a robbery, be it at a bank or a casino, for example. However, among the most significant we can highlight the following:
– “Robbery at three.” It is a Spanish film from 1962, directed by José María Forqué, which revolves around Fernando, the worker of a bank branch who manages to convince his colleagues to rob it. The objective is to make it seem to everyone that what has happened is that they have been the victim of a robbery. If they succeed, they will get money to pay for the painful salaries they have. Gracita Morales, José Luis López Vázquez, Manuel Alexandre and Alfredo Landa are some of the actors who shaped the cast of the feature film. This film must be taken into account that it had a new version in 2003.
– “Robbery in 7 minutes.” Jay Martin is the director of this film released in 2014 that tells how three friends find themselves in need of carrying out a quick robbery, in just seven minutes. However, everything will be complicated to unimaginable limits. Luke Mitchell, Jason Ritter or Leven Rambin are some of the actors in the film.
– “Perfect robbery.” In 1956 this Stanley Kubrick film was released, which tells how a thief decides to take the last great robbery in order to “retire”. Specifically, your goal will be to appropriate the money from the racetrack bookmaker.