What does SAT Mean?

What is the SAT test?

Many of the foreign students who come to North America to study, do not know that they must present an evaluation, which will help them determine which is the most suitable career according to their knowledge and skills, for this reason in this article we will talk about What is the SAT test? For all those who have this doubt and who are among their plans to go to study in North America.

Defined by abbreviationfinder, the SAT exam is an evaluation or standard test that is carried out to foreign and native students to study at the Universities of each region of the Anglo-Saxon country, in order to determine what knowledge they have and if they are suitable for carry out undergraduate studies and above all, what could be your field of study indicated for better professional development.

What does this test consist of? The test seeks to measure the cognitive and reasoning skills of each student, has a cost of around $ 81 dollars and can be repeated as many times as the student considers necessary until passing or achieving the average to enter the University of their choice.

What does SAT Mean

The test consists of 3 sections, reading, mathematics and writing, it has a total duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes, although each section has its stipulated time according to the characteristics of each of the sessions.

Although all of them are skills that you must have if you want to study abroad, surely there is one that costs you more than the other and that is why at Grad School Guru we have designed a specialized course to assist you in this goal, we invite you to know our “Sat Exam Course”.

The Academic Assessment Exam is controlled by the Board of Colleges, in this way, if you decide to study in the United States, you know that you will have to take your SAT exam and achieve a good score, in this way you make sure to achieve a place in the institution of your choice.

Remember that preparation is your best tool when looking for new horizons and expanding your possibilities for the development of your professional career.

If you want to measure your level in this difficult exam, register at the following link for a free diagnostic exam.

Everything you need to know about the SAT

The SAT is an exam that is applied to those who wish to be admitted to a university in the United States This test measures language writing and reasoning skills necessary for successful performance in college.

Points to consider for a correct preparation for the SAT

It is important to know more about this exam and the points to consider when preparing to take it, since this exam is the door that will open the way for you if you are considering studying at any US university.

  • Who takes this exam?

The SAT exam is commonly taken by students looking to pursue a career or an MBA at one of the universities in the United States.

  • Type of questions

This exam includes an essay and mathematical questions, the other questions are multiple choice with 5 answer options, however, 10 of the questions in one of the mathematics subsections are not multiple choice, they require that the Students fill in number ovals in a four column arrangement to generate the answer.

  • Structure of the SAT exam

It is made up of three sections that are;

  • Reading analysis
  • Maths
  • Writing

It also has an additional 25 minute experimental section, which can be in any of the three sections This same is used to standardize questions for the design of future exams and is not taken into account for the final grading scale.

  • Duration

The SAT exam takes a total of approximately 4 and a half hours.

  • Preparation

Preparing for the SAT is vitally important and the starting point for getting a high score.

An Oxford study showed that training courses increased scores by an average of 56 points.

SAT Tips

One of the challenges you’ll face with the SAT is figuring out what type of study schedule works best for you Each person needs a different curriculum and approach.

You should definitely consider your study preferences, SAT goals, and your resources before starting a prep About three months of preparation before the test will give you enough support to feel comfortable with the test.

Here are some tips on how you can study and better manage your time:

  • Diagnose your abilities from the beginning With Grad School Guru you can take a mock SAT exam to get a better idea of ​​all the skills you are yet to learn and develop Find out which areas to focus on and keep practicing.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you find it a bit difficult at first: the more you practice, the easier it will be for you.
  • Take at least two real drills before the real exam We recommend taking a timed exam at the beginning of your studies and another at the end Taking the test with the actual time frames will give you a more realistic feeling about the true duration of the SAT Sometimes it is the weather that makes us nervous during the test causing information blocks in our brains At Grad School Guru we have the real exams and the conditions to give them, so you get used to the real environment of the test.
  • Familiarize yourself with the instructions for each section of the exam The sequence of the sections and the instructions for each section will be the same for each SAT.
  • Don’t just focus on the SAT That is, it also develops your general skills Read and summarize long scientific articles and studies This will prepare you for the reading comprehension section, for example Reading editorial articles or essays will help you observe the different structures of different writers, thus preparing you for the optional essay.
  • Get a good night’s rest before the SAT We know this can be tough advice to follow Studying at the last minute can introduce excess pressure and lower your confidence.