What does Seat Belt Mean?

What is the Seat Belt?

The seat belt is an element in the means of transport that provides passive protection to drivers and passengers.

The seat belt is an adjustable strap that, once stretched, is divided into two parts. This design allows the distribution of forces in two areas of the body, preventing it from being hit or being projected.

The importance of the safety belt lies in that it is one of the passive safety implements that best avoids deaths in automobile accidents. The movement of the vehicle generates a greater impact force, which is not noticeable to the person, which creates situations of risk and carelessness.

The seat belt, along with airbags or airbags and headrests, are the three passive safety elements that must be properly worn and used in a vehicle to prevent and reduce material and physical damage.

On the other hand, the anti-lock brakes or ABS system that works together with the braking assistant is an active safety element, since it is activated only in times of emergency, such as when the emergency brake is activated.

All these elements are part of the prevention of traffic accidents also known as road safety.

How the seat belt works

Using a seat belt can save lives if used correctly. For this, the first part of the strap must be crossed over the shoulder to the chest and the second section placed on the thighs, since its function is to protect the pelvic area.

Seat belt types

There are several types of seat belts, the most common one being divided into two parts. Seat belts are classified according to the points they secure. There are the following types:

  • Two points: hold only the pelvic area or the thoracic area. This belt is the most widely used on aircraft.
  • Three points: it is the belt that is divided into two parts and covers the pelvic and thoracic parts. It is the most widely used belt for car drivers.
  • Five points: it is used in child safety seats. The belt of the pelvic part connects between the legs and there are two belts that cross the shoulders.

What is the Seat Belt