What does Sharp Mean?

The first thing we are going to do to know the meaning of the term sharp is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we have to expose that it is a word that derives from Latin, more specifically from “acutus-a-um”, which is the participle of the verb “acuere”. A verb this that can be translated as “to make pointed”.

The acute adjective has more than a dozen meanings, according to what can be seen in the dictionary. The first of these meanings refers to that which has a point or edge. For example: “Reaching the top of this mountain is very difficult because of its sharp peak. ”

The notion of sharp is also used to describe the developed or alert sense: “I always had a sharp ear: I am able to hear when a pin falls to the ground”, “Thanks to its sharp vision, this animal can detect prey at hundreds of meters ”, “ I need everyone to be on alert and with their senses sharp so that they detect any abnormality ”.

Sharp, on the other hand, is something or someone opportune, shrewd or witty: “Edgar Allan Poe always seemed to me a very sharp writer, capable of generating emotions with each of his lines”, “The President dedicated a sharp message to the opposition leader “.

When the adjective qualifies an illness or pain, it refers to its intensity, its severity or its short duration: “The actor recovers after suffering an acute heart attack while playing football with his friends”, “For an acute picture of pharyngitis, the singer had to suspend his concert tonight ”.

The high – pitched sounds, on the other hand, have a high frequency of vibrations, unlike those who are classified as serious. Treble sounds thus occupy the highest ranges of the audible spectrum.

In the field of phonetics, sharp words are those with an accent on their last syllable (such as “song” or “matrix”).

Within the field of mathematics and geometry the term acute is also used with great frequency. In your case it is used to refer to a specific type of angle. More precisely, we can say that the acute angle is the one formed by two rays with an amplitude greater than 0º and less than 90º.

In the same way, we cannot forget that Agudo is also the name of a town in the province of Ciudad Real (Castilla la Mancha). It is a municipality, belonging to the well-known Alcudia Valley, which has about 13,000 inhabitants and which has as tourist attractions both the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Estrella, dating from the fourteenth century, and the Casa del Comendador, from the XVI, or the Church of San Benito Abad. A temple this last one that has its origin in the 16th century.

That without forgetting either that in Brazil, specifically in Rio Grande do Sul, there is also a municipality called Agudo. This has about 17,000 residents, is located about 83 meters above sea level, is located in the south of the country and is considered to have a marked German origin.