What does Wedding Anniversary Mean?

It is known as a wedding anniversary to the commemoration that celebrates the years of marriage and where marriage vows are renewed. It is clear that the expression “wedding” is written in the plural to refer to the marriage vows made on the day of marriage.

The wedding anniversary is celebrated on the day the wedding took place, as is the case with the birthday anniversary that is celebrated on the individual’s date of birth. Generally, anniversaries are celebrated privately, with family members, closest friends or only between spouses, except anniversaries No. 25, 50 and 75 in which a large banquet or memorial activity is held accompanied by a mass where the spouses renew their vows of union, or a special celebration, this depends on the religion that both profess.


Now, the tradition originated in Germany where it was customary for the married couple to celebrate the 25th anniversary, the woman received a silver crown as a synonym for fortune having enjoyed life as a couple for so many years, which It became known as “Silver Wedding.” On the other hand, on the 50th anniversary, the woman received a gold crown, and from there derives her name “Golden Wedding.

With the passing of time, in the Middle Ages other symbologies were implemented for each wedding anniversary. As a consequence of the above, the spouses receive presents of different materials, in which the more years of marriage, the greater the importance of the representative material, which goes from the most fragile to the most valued, starting with the most fragile as paper ( Paper Weddings) and ending with the toughest as bone (Bone Weddings).

Wedding Name

Anniversary First name
1st Paper Weddings
2nd Cotton Weddings
3rd Leather Weddings
4th Linen Weddings
5th Wooden Weddings
6th Iron Weddings
7th Copper Weddings
8th Bronze Weddings
9th Clay Weddings
10th Aluminum Weddings
11th Steel Weddings
12th Silk Weddings
13th Lace Weddings
14th Ivory Weddings
15th Crystal Weddings
16th Ivy Weddings
17th Alhelí Weddings
18th Quartz Weddings
19th Honeysuckle Weddings
20th Porcelain Weddings
25th Silver weddings
30th Pearl Weddings
35th Coral Weddings
40th Ruby Weddings
45th Sapphire Weddings
50th Gold Weddings
55th Amethyst Weddings
60th Emerald Weddings
65th Platinum Weddings
70th Titanium Weddings
75th Bridal Weddings
80th Oak Weddings
85th Marble Weddings
90th Granite Weddings
95th Onyx Weddings
100th Bone Weddings