What does WWW Mean?

The acronym WWW refers to the World Wide Web or, in English, a worldwide network. It is an interconnected system of files and information executed on the internet. Still, it is a hypermedia system that in its literal translation means “web all over the world” representing the power to connect the planet and transmit information anywhere.

The files and documents that are on the world wide web, or simply web, can be in the form of videos, hypertexts, sounds and figures, so it is considered a hypermedia system. In order for this information to be shown to the user, a browser or browser is in charge of dissecting the information and presenting it in a pleasant format on a device or computer. In this way, the user can browse the website and follow the hyperlinks that will take them to other documents, while also allowing them to send information to a server.

The internet was born in the 1960s as a closed network under the name of Arpanet. It was created to assist the US military in exchanging information between government computers. It was only in 1989 that the internet began to receive features that we know today, with the emergence of WWW. The World Wide Web has established a standard language for the circulation and organization of data that travels over the network, allowing any computer, anywhere in the world, to have free access to the virtual world. This standard was developed in the laboratories of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), by British physicist Tim Berners-Lee.

The Web works through three parameters: URL, HTTP and HTML. The first specifies the unique address that each website will receive and defines how it will be found by users. HTTP is a communication protocol that ensures the transfer of information and data between networks. HTML is a method for encoding information from the internet, so that it is displayed in different ways.

Together, these parameters work as follows: the hypertext is encoded with the HTML programming language, which has coding marks interpreted by WWW customers. To perform the transfer of information on the WWW, the HTTP protocol is used, which has support for information systems and hypermedia.

Please note that World Wide Web is one of the meanings of WWW. According to abbreviationfinder, WWW may have other meanings, such as What Women Want, Who What Where, etc.

What does WWW Mean