What does Agribusiness Mean?

The concept of agribusiness is not part of the dictionary. However, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčagribusiness is frequently used to refer to commercial operations involving the products of agriculture and livestock.

In addition to all the above, we must emphasize that the concept that concerns us with agribusiness is considered to have materialized in the 1950s.

To understand what agribusiness is, however, it is essential to understand how the notion is formed. Agro is a prefix that allows you to refer to that related to the field (the land that is not urbanized and that enables the development of crops and the breeding of certain animals). The business, meanwhile, are activities or agreements which have a lucrative purpose.

In its broadest sense, agribusiness refers to all the productive activities carried out in the field, including the storage, processing and marketing of products. A company dedicated to agribusiness, therefore, can grow potatoes, produce tomato sauce or make hamburgers, to name a few possibilities.

It is important to keep in mind that what is understood by agribusiness is usually a matter of debate among economists. According to the specialist consulted, the definition can cover more or less productive and commercial activities. Agribusiness is generally considered to be a dynamic system based on raw materials of varying availability and changing according to the needs of consumers. The protagonists of agribusiness, in addition, are controlled by the authorities to protect the environment and take care of people’s health, since their products are usually food.

Many, as we have mentioned, are the existing agribusinesses. However, the latest studies in this regard have indicated that among the most profitable are the following:
– Beekeeping.
-Organic chicken farms, since there are many supermarkets and companies that demand these animals.
-Tomato growing, because it is a product that is needed to shape a large amount of food in turn.
-The breeding of goats.
-The breeding of quails.

Although these are the agribusinesses that are considered to be the most profitable and advantageous, experts in the sector do not hesitate to emphasize that others are as well. Among these are the cultivation of organically grown vegetables.

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